Winner Testimonials

Krysty and Kole Thomas

Inspire a Dream April Winner

We were ecstatic to learn that Kacey had won a $2500 contribution to her CST RESP. Kacey is just 7 months old and we have been contributing to a CST RESP since she was born because we want to ensure she will not have to worry about the financial burden to attend post-secondary education. We are so thankful that Kim, our CST customer representative, visited us in our home shortly after Kacey was born to explain the benefits of saving with CST. We trust that CST will provide a stable and safe investment for our daughter. Thank you again for the RESP contribution. It will make a huge difference in Kacey's future.

Valérie Pelletier

Inspire a Dream May Winner

We are very happy to be the May 2020 winners of the CST's Inspire a Dream monthly contest. Our son Malik is only 11 months old but this prize is a wonderful help for his post-secondary education! Thanks to CST!

Pamela Pighin

Inspire a Dream April Winner

I couldn’t believe my name was drawn for the monthly draw of the 2,500 CST RESP. The amount will go towards my son’s future education. The decision to purchase a CST RESP for both my kids was to ensure they would not have to worry about the financial burden when they attended post-secondary education. My husband and I have been impressed by the dedication of our CST Sales Representative who stays in regular contact with us and even travelled to meet my family. Thank you again for the RESP contribution.

Dyalis Nunez

Inspire a Dream August Winner

When I received the call, I couldn't believe that we had won the prize, I have never won anything before.

Thank you so much to CST for being an active member in our son's future. We believe that saving in the early years will make a big difference. We switched to CST and we are very happy we did so. Their service is family orientated, giving peace of mind and trust. Our amazing and dedicated Sales Representative, Rick Magder walks the extra mile always. Thank you from our family.

Dyalis, Joaquin and boys (Anthuan Jael& Allan Joao)

Karine Silva – Laval

Inspire a Dream April Winner

Thank you for contributing to our daughter’s education fund. We believe that it’s important to plan at an early age for the future of our child by saving for her education. We trust CST to provide a stable and safe investment for our daughter and we love that everything is taken care for us. We also like the flexibility that comes with the investment.

Josée Raymond

Inspire a Dream April Winner

There are many reasons why starting to save money early for our children's education is important. First, investing in post-secondary education may help our children gain the skills, training and knowledge necessary to enter their desired profession. Second, it may help alleviate the burden of education-related debt. Third, by contributing early and regularly to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), we are eligible to receive government grants.

As new parents who care deeply, it is important to us to start saving money early for our children's education. Children are messy and unpredictable, playful and imaginative by design. They are also likely to be both very different from their parents and from each other. In respecting this, it is our wish to create a happy, secure and loving environment for our children today while also contributing financially to their future whatever educational paths they may take.

Thank you,
Ranger Family

Teri Larkins

Inspire a Dream Feburary Winner

We were very surprised to hear that we had won the Inspire a Dream contest for February. Connor is 4 years old and is already showing his thirst for knowledge. He is fascinated with the workings of the human body, especially all the internal organs. This extra money will help us afford to give Connor the opportunity to follow his dreams.

Thanks again CST

Lenna Field

Inspire a Dream June Winner Graylin, Adam and Lenna Field

As proud parents of baby Graylin, Adam and Lenna Field are intent on making sure that she has the money she needs to pursue the post-secondary education she desires. Being on maternity leave, they haven't found as much money available as they would've liked to in order to take advantage of available government grants for 2018, so being awarded this RESP takes a load off their shoulders this year!

Taryn Claeys

Inspire a Dream April Winner

We are so incredibly overjoyed and honoured to be the April recipient of CST's Inspire a Dream monthly contest for our newborn son, Brixon. The timing could not be any more perfect! Education is power and is integral to achieving a successful future in today's society. Receiving this RESP will help reduce Brixon's financial burden and provide assistance for this post-secondary education. As parents, we are excited to see the opportunities Brixon will be provided with as a result of this RESP and we will forever be grateful for the tremendous support provided by CST. We can't wait to watch Brixon grow up, set and achieve his goals, and fulfill his dreams.

Thank you to CST!

Trevor Ens

Inspire a Dream March Winner

The Ens family is very excited, very pleased and shocked to have won the $2500 RESP.Their son Sawyer is 8 years old and in grade 2. "We know education is very important for our kids."

Sawyer's dream when he grows up... "I would like to be a basketball player and a cashier at his own store".

Thank you to CST!

Bruce Zigman

December Winner

We are so excited to have won this! We are saving for Westyns future to give him the best chance possible to succeed and build a good future for himself and possibly his family. Having a lump sum such as this to add to his future could not make us happier and we are so grateful. We are sure he will use it wisely. Thank you to our wonderful rep Maureen Doctor who helped us to set up an RESP easily and hassle free which is so important to new parents.

Thank you CST!!!

Jessica Ward

Dear CST,

We are overjoyed to have won a $2500 CST RESP for our new daughter, Poppy! It is the best gift we could have asked for as she is now started in a savings plan that will help to ensure her post-secondary education.

I was a recipient of a CST RESP for my post-secondary education as well, and it helped both me and my parents immensely to have that security in my education.

Jessica and I were married last year, and Poppy arrived less than a year later, joining Jackson, her 6-year old brother, along with our dog and cat. We also purchased our first home, so it has been a busy time for us!

We are so grateful to have won this prize as a wonderful gift to our new family member, Poppy. Without it, we might not have been able to make a contribution for her first year, but this got her (and us) started on the right path perfectly.

Thank you CST!

Chris Ward

Samuel Triplet

May Winner

We are so excited to have won a $2500 CST RESP. We opened Malo's account when he was born as we both appreciate the importance of education in a child's life. We are very thankful for the extra savings, and are sure that it will serve Malo well in the future, wherever that takes him! Thank you to Canadian Scholarship Trust and our representative Maureen Doctor!

Maryse Gaudet

April Winner

As the happy winners of a $2,500 scholarship for our daughter Anaïs, we thank CST because this amount will add to the RESP that we have already opened for her when she was a baby. We are both education professionals and have graduate diplomas, and we know how expensive it is to pursue higher studies. We believe that this additional amount will make a difference in our daughter's life because it will lighten up her financial burden and allow her to concentrate of her studies full time, which we were not able to do ourselves while studying at university. Our entire family is grateful for the opportunity that you offered us by organizing this beneficial contest. We are really grateful to CST and to our excellent representative, Maryse Roy!!

Sean Buchko

March Winner

Both Sean and Michelle were lucky enough to have help with their post-secondary studies. Michelle's parents were excellent savers and helped her through the University of Saskatchewan as she obtained her degree in Civil Engineering. Sean, also a U of S grad in Civil Engineering was left money from his grandmother to limit the student loans he needed. Now, with this RESP win, they can pass along an education to their first daughter, Amelia. Already saving for her education they are well on the way to having Amelia's education costs covered for her. There may be another University of Saskatchewan grad coming up in the family.

Jason Carrijo

February Winner

Thank you CST for the $2500 scholarship! I'm a Brazilian-Canadian raised in US. I brought my wife and two boys to Canada last year to seek great opportunities in this great country. We hope to raise our children to be international with good education, and we are very thrilled to have won this contest. The funds will definitely help brightening our little Felipe's future!! Thanks again. Jason, Marlei, Miguel and Felipe Carrijo.

Meagan Elson

We are so excited to have won a RESP for our son Hunter, he's tiny today but each year counts for saving towards his education.

A big thanks to CST for helping us get started with preparation for our little guy's future.

James Hill

November Winner

We are so excited to have won a $2500 RESP prize for our daughter, Maya. Our wish is that Maya and her brother Donovan pursue higher education, and this will help make that possible. We're proud to be saving for our children's futures. Thank you, CST and Janelle Webber!

Cindy Giesbrecht

July Winner

We are so excited to be the July winners of CST's Inspire a Dream contest. Sebastian is almost 1 ½ years old now; life is moving fast and his university days will be here sooner than we expect. Education is so important and, having had to pay tuition out-of-pocket, we know how difficult it is to be saddled with student loan debt. We hope to alleviate this burden as much as possoble for Sebastian. Winning this prize will go such a long way in securing a future for our son.
Thank you CST!

Michael Sousa

May Winner

My wife and I were thrilled to have won the Inspire a Dream Contest’s $2,500 RESP prize. With two boys, Grady (3 Years Old) and Finn (8 Months Old), life is moving fast and before we know it, post-secondary education will be right in front of us. We both had to pay for our own education and that burden of big student debt lasted for years. Winning the Inspire a Dream contest will help us put our boys in a position to graduate without that burden of big student debt and hopefully give them a head start.

Stacey Schmidt

February Winner

Stacey and Kellan are thrilled to have won a $2500 RESP for their daughter Aspen's education! The prize is an excellent start we can build on to prepare for cost of our daughter's post-secondary education. Saving in an RESP now is much better than trying to find the money later. We want to be ready when Aspen is ready for school.

Kelly Sawatzky

December Winner

We are thrilled to have won the "Inspire A Dream" contest for our 6 month old son! My husband and I both attended a post-secondary school and know how valuable it is for a future. We hope for the best opportunity for our son's education. So we thank you CST for such an awesome head start.

Nhuan Nhi Tu

July Winner

My husband and I would like to thank CST for their “INSPIRE A DREAM” contest. It is truly a meaningful contest and we hope that our dream for our daughter April will come true through her CST Scholarship Trust Plan. The prize money gives our April’s RESP a booster start towards scholarship contributions, making it easier to save for her future.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our CST Rep, Irene Cheng, from the Lynch Branch for making our application/registration process seamless and very professional.

We are so happy and excited for our April! She is only 4 months old. We cannot wait to see what the future will hold for our daughter. April is our LUCKY STAR!!!

Thank you CST for having such a meaningful contest and best wishes for all the hardworking CST Reps.

Yours truly, Nikki and Toan

Laura O’Brien

June Winner

My husband and I are absolutely thrilled to have won a $2,500 CST RESP! We feel that doing whatever we can to pay for our daughter’s education is one of the most important things we can do for her. It's fall and her older brothers have started school so education is on our minds. This head start on saving comes at the perfect time for Lily. You just don’t know what the future holds for the cost of post-secondary education – it seems to go up and up. Winning the Inspire a Dream contest will help us help our daughter graduate without the burden of a big student debt.

Rebecca Hillier

May Winner

We can't tell you how excited we were to win the CST Inspire a Dream Contest - at first we couldn't believe it! We set up an RESP for our baby daughter Chloe soon after she was born even though as a young family still finishing university we knew we couldn't contribute much each month. We thought that every little bit would count. We feel so lucky to have this extra money to help her go to school down the road. Thank you CST!

Nathalie Picard

April 2015 Winner

Hi! I’m Nathalie, mother of two little girls aged four years old and seven months. Working in the world of education and as a holder of both bachelor and masters degrees, I know how expensive education is, but also how necessary it is. In fact, my spouse and I feel that education is essential. This is why our daughters have had an RESP from an early age; we wanted to give them a hand by putting aside money on a regular basis which would grow over the years. We are very proud to be dealing with CST and we trust in the future of our children.

Emily Summach

We are so excited to have won this RESP for our daughter, Junia. We believe in the value of post-secondary education as the schooling that husband and I received at university has opened so many doors for us by introducing us to new ideas and new ways of seeing the world. We want our child to have that same experience. Both my husband and I had to take out student loans to fund our own post-secondary educations, and paying back those loans has been a significant financial challenge. We wanted to do everything possible to ensure that our daughter can attend the post-secondary option of her choice without having to take on the burden of student debt. We want to say a big thank you to Canadian Scholarship Trust Fund for helping us to make this dream possible!

Carrie Calhoun

Carrie Calhoun

This is so great! Thank you very much for awarding us the $2,500 RESP prize! We have two young girls aged 1 and 3, and putting money aside for their education is definitely a priority for us. With the changing times, we know the cost of post-secondary education will be much greater for our children than it was for us and we want to be prepared. This is an excellent opportunity for us to get a jump start, thank you CST!

Katelyn Vielle

I am very excited to have won the $2500, because I was worried about Princeton's education and how I would save for it. This will be very helpful for his future. I feel education is a key ingredient for life and I am glad I opened up a savings plan now. He is 1 1/2 years old.